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What is "Fixed Wireless"?


Fixed wireless is a technology used to bring fast high speed internet to you and a very reasonable price.  We do not incur nor do we charge some fees that other land line services must pay.  This help to lower the end cost to you the customer.

What about speeds?  Although we do not currently offer Gigabit speeds, in our survey and thru our current customer base we find that most average home customers only use between 25 Megabits and 35 Megabits of speed, although there may be the occasional customer that needs more, we are more than able to offer services to you.


How does "Fixed Wireless work"?

Fixed wirleess uses point to multi-point technology that allows us to set up several "Tower" locations in each town and beam the signal out.  For you to receive the signal, we would need to attach a dish/radio to your house or building to pick up the signal and bring you internet.

Common questions:

Will my neighbors be able to see my connection? NO, each customer is provided a IP address and your radio is isolated from any other connection on the same or other towers.

Will my neighbors use slow my speed down?  NO, unlike bigger ISP's we keep our "Towers" to a very safe state, we will not and do not over load them at the cost of slowing other customers down.  If a tower reaches a certain thresh-hold we have set, we immedatly add another  tower radio to make sure there is never a bottle neck.

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