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Network Maintenace , Upgrades & Unplanned Outages.

Never-Enuff strives to provide the very best service possible, this mean rolling out software updates, patches and security updates.  Most times software updates and upgrades are rolled out between 2am and 5am Sunday Night / Monday morning, but it may occurr on other nights if the need warrants it.  This may incur a small down time but is required to keep you, the customer, safe.

In some rare occurrances there may be a immediate need to roll out a security patch as soon as possible, and although we try not to, it may warrant a rollout immediately and may drop your connection for a few minutes while the patched / security update is applied.

The last one we would like to touch on is unplanned outages.  Although we go to great lengths to get the best equipment, there is nothing that is perfect.  Usually when a router or a switch fails there is no warning of the impending failure.  We do replace equipment on a regular rotational basis but somethings things still fail.  When a failure is detected our techs are notified within a minuter or 2 of the failure and dispatched to repair the outage as soon as possible.  If the outage is due to lightning, the techs will make the repairs as soon as there is no danger of being stuck by lightning.

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