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So you would like to know which type of Internet Serices in right for you.

This depend on a few things, although all Internet access tpyes are relatively the same, some methods are better suited for different applications.

Wi-Fi is great if you are only using a single device or want to roam with your device in the areas where we have "Hot Spots".  Such devices could be phones, tablets, laptops etc.  A Wi-Fi account can also help cut down on your cellular data useage.  Although I have listed mobile devices primarily, if you are close to a "Hot Spot"  and you would like to use a desktop computer, this is also possible, you need only have a Wi-Fi network access device and a Never Enuff Wi-Fi account to acheive this.  If you need a Wi-Fi network access card (usually USB NIC), We sell them at Never-Enuff, You can stop in and pick one up at any time.  For Wi-Fi packages pricing and comparison, pleas click here!

Fixed Wireless (also called Wireless DSL) is a great choice if you are in a area that can accomadate this type of access.  Fixed Wireless, is a point to point system where Internet access is brought to you via a small modem on the exterior or your home or business.  Fixed Wireless can range over long distances, is very fast and we have complete control over the wireless network, giving us the ability to keep growing and making it faster as technology evolves.  Fixed Wireless can grow to meet your needs, the outdoor antenna bring the signal into your home or business where it can be distributed via wired or wireless network to your family or employees.  Fixed Wireless is very reliable and is not suseptable to snow, rain, fog, or most other elements of nature.  For package pricing and comparison, please click here!

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a great choice if there are no other technologies are available in your area, DSL is cheap, fast, reliable and uses a  telephone line (No, its not duialup, ot is Broadband Internet) , with Never-Enuff you DO NOT need to have a home phone like to have DSL.  We can install DSL with or without and existing home phone, we handle all aspects of the install from start to finish, the price we quote you is the price you will pay.

If you have additional questions, Please feel free to contact us either by creating a ticket here, or by giving us a call @ 814.344.8189

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